Class Information & Dress Code

Sutherland Studio of Dance is a competitive school. Dancers who plan to compete should be attending classes more than once a week. Performances and competitions should be entered regularly. Our recommendation is to compete a minimum of once a month. For dancers in the Beginner, Novice, Intermediate categories where stamps are counted for progression it is best to make a competition plan with the teacher in order to ensure that the dancer masters the basic dance principals over a period of time.

Competitions should be chosen to reflect a challenging level of competition. The terms Primary, Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Premier indicate the level of competition offered but do not necessarily give a true reflection of your dancer’s progression. Our studio philosophy continues to be quality of technique over the number of dances known. Students are encouraged to participate in dance examinations upon the recommendation of the teacher.

Dancewear: Dancers are required to wear Dancewear. The Teacher must be able to see bodylines and muscle engagement for development of good posture, muscle control and muscle development. Parental support and co-operation is required to ensure that your dancer follows the Studio Dress Code. Your child MUST be dressed properly for class and have the required equipment with them for each class. Help your dancer to be organized for class.

Please Leave Your Valuables At Home - The studio is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables. (Money, Watches, Jewelry, Cell Phones, IPads, IPods) Cell Phones - Texting and receiving messages during class is NOT allowed. Keep your cell phone turned off in your dance bag. Dancers may bring a Water Bottle (please no pop, juice, sports drinks) to class with their name on it. Please do not share your water bottle.

Dancewear Requirements

Ballet for Highland Dancers: Ballet is the foundation of good dancing. This class will assist Highland Dancers with their training. Ballet is a pre-requisite for participation in group or solo choreography.

  • Girls:
    • Plain Black leotard
    • Pink ballet tights, pink ballet slippers
    • Hair neatly groomed, off the face in a very secure Bun
  • Boys:
    • Black/navy soccer style shorts (without pockets)
    • Neat fitting t-shirt
    • White knee socks and boy's black ballet slippers

Highland Dancing:

  • Girls:
    • Plain Black Leotard; dancers may wear tight fitting black dance shorts. Please no loose fitting shirts / shorts.
    • Pink ballet tights or white knee socks (that stay up) and highland slippers.
    • Hair neatly groomed, off the face in a very secure Bun.
    • Black Highland Slippers (Thistle Shoes preferred), or for new Beginners/Tartan Tots a black gym slipper is acceptable.
  • Boys:
    • Black/Navy shorts (without pockets)
    • Neat fitting t-shirt,
    • White knee socks, and slippers

Dance Preparation: An introduction to dance 3 – 6 yrs, based on basic dance principals and music appreciation.

Beginner Highland Class : This class for 7 yrs & up is based on basic dance principals and music appreciation.

Competition Classes: Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Premier competitors require a Practice Skirt for National Dances. Intermediate & Premier dancers require Irish Jig Hard Shoes.